Rob Papen Predator (with Quick Browse)

Rob Papen has released updated versions of RG, Predator and BLUE.

The synths have been updated to include Quick Browse.

As user you can remember many times when you have been looking for a particular sound
while you have been scrolling through the many presets inside BLUE, Predator or RG.

Sometimes you keep on searching and then suddenly you are sure, you heard the right sound
a few banks before. Most of the time it is a problem to find this preset back again!

Therefore we added “Quick Browse” where you can browse through all the presets and banks, but also a “Recently Browsed” function so that you can track down easily the presets you tried out previously.
On top of that we added “Favourites” where you can collect you favourite presets.

Other changes in RG / Predator / BLUE

  • RG v1.0.1
    • Sequencer Preset Menu: Sequences can now be selected by click in a Sequencer preset menu.
    • Currently loaded Sequence is displayed.
    • Keyboard sequence / chord / notes pressed is displayed.
  • Predator v1.5.1
    • Optimization of CPU usage, around 20-30% less CPU, even more for some presets.
    • Reduced loading time.
  • BLUE v1.8.1
    • Various small bug fixes.

Visit Rob Papen for more information.