Rob Papen RG

Rob Papen has released RG, a Rhythm Guitar groove plug-in for Windows and Mac.

By using the RG onboard sequencer it is possible to create classic Rhythm Guitar grooves, but beyond that you can use the synthesizer features and effects to make fresh new edgy guitar grooves.

RG key features

  • Rhythm Guitar models: Electric guitar type Fender Stratocaster®, Steel 8TH type for Streelstrings 8th note grooves, Steel 16TH type for Steelstrings 16th note grooves.
  • Sequencer (A/B) which controls the guitar strokes and RG synthesizer parts.
  • Overall Pitch modulation with tempo sync-able global Pitch LFO, amount control and pitch bend with separate settings for up and down pitch-bends.
  • Main filter is an analogue modelled stereo Multimode Filter, offering 6dB LowPass and HighPass, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB LowPass and HighPass, 12dB and 24dB BandPass, 12dB and 24dB Notch, Comb and Vowel Filter.
  • Built-in Amp/Volume Envelope with Attack, Decay and Release.
  • Modulation: 2 free modulation routings, 33 modulation sources & 22 destinations.
  • 3 HQ effects blocks in serial mode: Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Comb Filter, Reverb, Chorus, Chorus/Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble, FX Filter, WahWah/Delay, AutoWah, Amp Simulator (5 models), Cabinet Simulator (5 models), Distortion, Low Fi, Waveshaper, Multi-distort (11 types), Stereo Widener, Autopan, Gator and Compressor.
  • Equalizer with 5 bands at 60Hz, 200Hz, 600Hz, 2000Hz and 8000Hz frequencies.
  • Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function.
  • Banks with Electric RG grooves, Steelstring RG grooves, Electric and SteelString basic grooves.

The download version of RG is available from Rob Papen for 149 EUR (included VAT) / $179 USD, while the boxed versions are now shipping from Time+Space and other shops. A 30 day trial version can be downloaded after registering an account with Rob Papen.

More information: Rob Papen / RG