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Rob Papen releases RP-Verb

Rob Papen RP-Verb

Rob Papen has announced the release of RP-Verb, a reverb effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

RP-Verb is an algorithmic, musical, reverb that aims to bring dimension and fullness to your mixes. It has a straightforward, intuitive interface that puts all the most essential parameters right at your fingertips and offers presets that range from intimate venues to abstract, surreal spaces.

RP-Verb features

  • Main section
    • Dry / wet control with FX bypass button.
    • HQ Mode on/off.
    • ECS (external controler setup).
    • ? brings up the ‘Quick Manual’.
  • Preset section
    • Uses sound banks composed of 128 presets.
    • Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function.
    • ‘Quick Browser’, ‘Recently Browsed’ and ‘Favorite’ functions.
    • Presets are stored in clear categories banks.
  • Distortion
    • Tube saturation distortion.
    • Amount control.
    • on/off.
  • Ensemble
    • Multi voice chorus.
    • Amount control.
    • Routing into reverb or direct + reverb.
    • volume control.
    • on/off.
  • Early Reflections
    • Complex Early reflection algorithm.
    • Routing into reverb or direct.
    • Lenght / damping / feedback / side-feedbak / cross-feedback control.
    • on/off.
  • Reverb
    • RPCX Algorithm reverb.
    • Space types: Hall clean, Hall cave, Hall swirl, Hall wild 1, Hall wild 2, Room cold, Room edged 1, Room edged 2, Room storm 1, Room storm 2, Room storm 3, Space orbit 1, Space orbit 2, Space orbit 3 and Space orbit 4.
    • Space color types: Clean, Multi 1, Multi 2, Multi 3 and Swirl.
    • Size control with disorder control / Length control.
    • Pre-delay with disorder control.
    • diffucion control.
    • damping control.
    • low-pass and hi-pass filters.
    • volume control.
    • on/off.
  • Late reflection
    • Late reflection delay.
    • Routing into reverb or direct.
    • Length control and damping control.
    • volume control.
    • on/off.
  • EQ
    • High quality EQ with “post” setting option.
    • Low at 10Hz / Mid at 4kHz / High at 8kHz.
  • Envelope
    • Special Envelope for ‘Gated Reverb’ effect, ‘Non-Linear Reverb’ effect or ‘Special Reverb’ control.
    • Control options: audio / space size / reverb length / size + length / size + lenght + audio.
    • Amount control for space size / reverb lenght.
    • mono input option.
    • latch mode option.
    • on/off.

RP-Verb is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for €149 EUR / $179 USD.

Note: Internet connection needed to activate the software. In case of no internet connection, e-license dongle required.

More information: Rob Papen / RP-Verb

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