Rob Papen Predator

Rob Papen has updated the Predator virtual synthesizer instrument to version 1.6.2.

New filter types, new fx types and different GUI colour option! And, of course, a lot new presets have been added as well, new classic synth, DuBstep, Trance etc presets.

Also the Trance session bank by Gizeh has new presets and a very special classic synthesizer music bank has been added, programmed by Michel van Osenbrugge of SYNTH.NL

Changes in Predator v1.6.2

  • New oscillator modulation types: PM, Sign, Max, Min, S&H Mix.
  • New filter types: 12dB & 24dB LP/HP/BP and Notch (type 2), Comb – filter and two new formant filters.
  • Filter 2 with all filter types added included Q control.
  • Filter 2 panning moved into filter section (was advance panel).
  • Tempo sync Free Envelope 1&2.
  • New fx added: stereo tape delay, tape flanger and analogue phaser.
  • Alternative GUI color (more light grey color).
  • Optimized DC offset respond.
  • Back panel offers global tuning and tuning scales (.tun files).
  • Midi program change and midi bank select can be turned off.
  • New classic synth music by SYNTH.NL: 30 Synth NL bank.
  • New session presets with Gizeh (trance banks): 30 Gizeh Trance 2, 30 Gizeh Trance 3.
  • New presets inside these banks: 02 Predator dance 02, 03 Classic synth 03 and 04, 04 HipHop RnB 02, 05 Trance and PsyTrance 03, 12 DubStep 02, 11 all SFX 02, 20 all basses 04.
  • Manual is again PDF and can be opened if you click at the ? button (lower right corner).

Predator for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $179 USD / 149 EUR. The update is free for existing users.

More information: Rob Papen / Predator