Rob Papen RP-Verb

Rob Papen has released updated for rhythm guitar instrument RG, synth plug-ins SubBoomBass and Predator, and reverb effect plug-in RP-Verb.

Changes in RG v1.1.2 / SubBoomBass v1.0.3 / Predator v1.5.6 / RP-Verb v1.0.2

  • 10-20% CPU savings on regular computers.
  • 20-30% CPU savings on computer using multi-core Intel processors.
  • New eLicense Control Center inside installer.
  • 64-bits and 64-bits multi-core processors PC versions.
  • Saving bug fixed inside Mac version (Logic).
  • Mac version is compatible with 32-bits, 64-bits, PPC and Intel (Universal Binary) (Mac OS X 10.5+).

Current users can download the updates from the Rob Papen website.

More information: Rob Papen