The current History Channel documentary series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour takes the father-and-son duo of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne to famous sites around the world, including Mount Rushmore, Sun Studios, Stonehenge and many others, in search of unique cultural, historical and technological stories.

The series’ fifth episode, “Iron Mountain Men” – scheduled to premiere on August 21— brings Ozzy and Jack to The Underground, in Pennsylvania, one of the flagship and best-known facilities of Iron Mountain Incorporated, the global leader in storage and information management services.

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne visit Iron Mountain’s The Underground in Pennsylvania

Located 220 feet below the surface in a former limestone mine, Iron Mountain’s Underground is a 200-acre facility that houses the full suite of Iron Mountain’s service offerings. The facility, which houses a state-of-the-art data center, storage chambers, and digital re-mastering and conversion studios, is known for its high levels of security and compliance as well as storage-friendly conditions that take advantage of the natural cooling and environmental advantages of the limestone mine, making it the ideal location for storage and data center operations.

Ozzy and Jack spent the day touring the site with Iron Mountain’s Tom Benjamin, who served as their on-camera tour guide, with assistance from Bob Koszela, Studio Manager of Iron Mountain Digital Studios. The group visited Iron Mountain Data Centers and were amazed that such an advanced and innovative facility was operating in an old limestone mine. They also visited the Iron Mountain Digital Studios, the Corbis photography and image vault and the Sony vault, all illuminated by an in-depth discussion of everything that goes on inside the facility.

The Sony vault tour was guided by Don Siebka, Sony’s vault director. During the tour, Don showed Ozzy some recordings of his from 1980 that he didn’t even remember recording. After leaving the vault, Jack and Ozzy visited Iron Mountain Digital Studios, where Ozzy was able to listen to these recordings for the first time in years. Reacting to the recordings, Ozzy was genuinely excited to know that this music existed and that it was in the Underground.

Ozzy, Jack and the documentary crew spent about an hour at the Corbis vault, where Ann Hartman of Corbis (now Getty Images) gave them a guided tour and showed them several rare photos, including one of Ozzy and his wife Sharon from their wedding day in 1984 that he didn’t know Corbis had. Hartman gave it to Ozzy and Jack as a gift.

“It was a very pleasant visit with Ozzy, Jack and the show’s production crew,” noted Koszela. “Ozzy and Jack are big history and technology buffs, so their interest in our operations was clear from the start. Lots of shows might not think to put Iron Mountain’s Underground alongside tourist destinations like Stonehenge and Mount Rushmore, but I think it was a great fit and potentially a highlight of the series. We love sharing what we do here, and we thank the Osbournes and the show for featuring us.”

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