Rocktave Delta SP

Rocktave has updated Delta SP to version 1.75.

New features include:

  • 64 and 80 bit versions for higher detail sound. Entire synth and all built in plugins process samples with 64 or 80 bits precision right up to the output
  • Save custom synths and effects from Plugin Builder as 64 or 80 bit VST plugins from 64 or 80 bit versions
  • Custom project samplerate from 4Khz up to the MGhz range. Use lower samplerates for multi-track sequencing on a slower PC and ultra high samplerates for live performance on a faster PC
  • Optimized sampler. Much faster sampler engine. Up to 2 times faster
  • Optimized plugin effects. Optimized delay, phaser, reverb and chorus for built in plugins like Viperous and UniversalFX etc…

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