ROLI has announced the release of Everything by Lido, a new sound pack curated by the 25-year old Norwegian hit producer Lido.

The release of the soundpack comes at an exciting time for Lido – he just launched an album with emerging rapper Towkio and is working on new music with Skrillex. Lido made his name as a producer for artists like Chance the Rapper, Halsey, alt-J, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande — weaving his voice into chart-topping tracks.

Everything by Lido distills his signature voice and R&B-infused electronic sound that is immediately recognizable and unmistakable.

As the maker of the some of the most stunning remixes of the past five years, he knows firsthand how you can take sounds and turn them into everything. Drawing from his emotionally-infused album Everything, the soundpack features noises that are frenetically polyphonic but supremely harmonious. It’s a collage of orchestral trills, ominous basses, and vocals that range from chipmunk squeaks to choirs to full-throttle rap.

“There are some fun stories behind most of the sounds in the pack,” he says.

“The vocal chops in the Murder Drum Kit come from a freestyle rap I did when I was 14. My favorite sound is the bike bells from ‘Citi Bike Bass.’ We went to every toy store and bike store in L.A., looking for bike bells that would be perfectly in key with this song, and we sampled them. Those are the bike bells that you hear. It was incredibly challenging and fun to experiment how to give all these sounds more dimensions with ROLI Blocks.”

The Seaboard RISE and Lightpad Block are among the many tools Lido uses to craft soundscapes. His enthusiasm for ROLI controllers inspired the Everything by Lido collaboration.

“I love the Seaboard,” he says. “I love that for more experienced users there’s so much depth for exploration within the instrument, and for new users there’s still something intuitive and fun about the instrument right away. It’s amazing for performances. Instead of just turning knobs at the right time, I’m really playing the sound with my hands and my body.”

Everything by Lido is now available in the NOISE Soundpack Store for $6.99 USD / £5.99 GBP / 6.99 EUR.

More information: ROLI