Ross Bencina AudioMulch 2.0

Ross Bencina has announced the release of AudioMulch 2.0, an interactive music studio for real-time sound synthesis, music composition and performance-oriented audio processing.

AudioMulch 2.0 delivers a major user interface update, with work-flow improvements including drag-and-drop patching that add to AudioMulch’s appeal as a live performance environment. Other version 2.0 additions include patchable MIDI routing, a new pattern editor, significant performance increases for audio processing, and new automation features, including the ability to automate and MIDI control AudioMulch’s unique “Metasurface” controller.

“With the major interface work finished and the Mac version in place I can now focus on new features,” says AudioMulch developer and owner Ross Bencina. “I have a long list of features and improvements planned that I’ll be rolling out in regular updates following the version 2.0 release.”

New in AudioMulch 2.0

  • New Patcher
    • Drag-and-drop contraption creation (drag a new contraption over an existing input or output to connect or attach it).
    • Reconnectable patch cords (grab them at either end).
    • Multichannel connection creation.
    • Patchable MIDI routing between VST contraptions and the new MidiIn1-8 contraptions.
    • Contraption input and output level meters in the Patcher
  • MIDI and automation control for Clock transport (tempo, stop, start) and Metasurface interpolation.
  • Enhanced Drums contraption with 8 channels and a new pattern editor supporting arbitrary length high-resolution patterns.
  • New “Startup Actions” settings allow you to enable audio, MIDI, transport, sync, and to load documents when AudioMulch starts.
  • Expanded multichannel audio I/O capability to support up to 256 channels in each direction and improved compatibility with consumer multichannel audio interfaces using DirectSound and Windows Multimedia drivers.
  • Increased audio processing efficiency.
  • Various work-flow improvements
    • Non-modal floating Parameter Control window.
    • Dockable Patcher and Automation panes for improved multi-monitor operation.
    • Faster access to parameter values and MIDI control via slider/knob double-click options.
    • Nameable contraption presets.

AudioMulch 2.0 is available for purchase for Windows and Mac, priced at $189 USD (upgrade for v1.0 users is $89 USD). A 60-day trial version can be downloaded here.

Visit the AudioMulch website for more information.