Ross Bencina AudioMulch 2.0

Ross Bencina has released version 2.0.2 of AudioMulch, an interactive musician’s environment for PC and Mac.

This version includes usability improvements and bug fixes. Improvements have been made to Audio/MIDI synchronisation on Mac and to stability on OSX 10.4 (Tiger). Mac VST scanning has been improved to avoid start-up freezes when VST plugins prompt for activation. Cut/Copy/Paste can now be used when renaming Contraptions.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.0.2

  • Fixed bug where help pages were not available and displayed “The page could not be found” error if the computer was upgraded to a new version of AudioMulch.
  • Improved event deletion in Drums contraption pattern editor. Supresses creation of hits on top of each other which made them confusing to delete. Fixed bug where click-delete didn’t work if the mouse was moved while clicking.
  • Fixed bug where contraption positions were sometimes scrambled after reloading a document. Contraption locations were not saved correctly if the contraptions had been connected using drag-and-drop patching.
  • Added support for cut/copy/paste/select all of contraption names in the Patcher using context menu and keyboard shortcuts while editing contraption name.
  • Added F2 keyboard shortcut to start editing contraption names (Command-2 on Mac).
  • Windows: fixed bug where the first time a custom VST editor was displayed it appeared partially behind other contraption property editors.
  • Mac: fixed intermittent crash on OSX 10.4 (Tiger) after using the select sound file dialog box.
  • Mac: improved timing of MIDI and Network sync.
  • Mac: made changes to address bug where VU meters, transport and automation playback position would intermittently stop updating after 20 minutes to an hour on some machines.
  • Mac: changed MIDI device name handling for better compatibility. Fixes problems with some devices not working. Akai devices are still not 100% functional, see KnownBugs.txt for workaround.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where AudioMulch would freeze at startup if VST plugins displayed an activation dialog box when they were scanned.
  • Fixed alignment of beat number indicators on Arpeggiator pattern editor.
  • Fixed height of status bar and appearance of soundfile loading progress bar.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of MIDI output ports on some contraptions.
  • Fixed bug with contraptions palette not auto-showing if AudioMulch didn’t have focus.

AudioMulch is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $189 USD. A 60-day trial version is available for download.

More information: AudioMulch