Rough Diamond Productions voldeLAY

Rough Diamond Productions has released voldeLAY, a stereo lookahead volume dependant delay chain effect plug-in for Windows PC.

voldeLAY consists of 8 stereo delay units. Each unit automixes its output between the input signal [dry] and the delayed signal [wet] according to sidechain input vs threshhold.

As a signal gets louder its delay time jumps creating stutters, jitters and the like. Obviously, that’s at the extreme end of what voldeLAY does – it can also be used for flanger and chorus effects as well as pitch warping and making odd phasiness.

voldeLAY features

  • 8 daisy-chained stereo delays with independant delay times automatically cross-fade between themselves depending on the level of the input.
  • Each delay has controls for delay time and threshhold, above which the delay fades in according to the crossfade time.
  • All 8 time and threshhold values are scalable via multiplier and sensitivity controls with an LFO for each.
  • Feedback applies to all delays equally and a post effect mix knob provides dry/wet controls.
  • The number of delays in the chain can be switched between 4 and 8, the threshhold response can be inverted, and the inputs can be wired in series or parallel.
  • Look-ahead of upto 2 seconds, and the sidechain/trigger input can be toggled between inputs 1&2 and 3&4.

Visit Rough Diamond Productions for more information and a link to download voldeLAY.