Rough Diamond Productions whiteLABEL stWIP

Rough Diamond Productions has released whiteLABEL stWIP, a stereo digital channel strip effect plug-in for Windows.

General purpose : stWIP can be used pretty much anywhere you need stereo compression, gating, distortion or EQ. Each Filter and EQ band delivers upto 30 decibels of cut or gain and the 10 dynamics modes range from light compression to heavy companding. To top it off, the distortion unit can further boost (and/or destroy) your signal.

Bespoke : During development of stWIP, about 30 custom SynthEdit modules were created to handle the user interface and audio sub-system architecture. These modules are also available for developers to download. The unique architecture of stWIP means it can quite easily be turned into a parallel Quad or Surround Processor – upto 12 channels … if you’d like a “wide” version of stWIP just register in the normal way, and then get in touch to let me know your required configuration, which will then be built for a modest additional fee.

stWIP is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows for £15 GBP.

More information: Rough Diamond Productions