rs-met Straigthliner

rs-met has released version 0.9 of Straightliner, a subtractive synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in Straightliner v0.9

  • Bug fix: opening GUI while receiving MIDI-automation was not correct.
  • Envelope depth-by-key and depth-by-vel are now bipolar.
  • Moog Filter has additional pre-allpass filter to pre-shape the input.
  • Moog Filter make-up by low-shelf removed (because it was not really useful and required CPU).
  • DC blocker (first order highpass at 10 Hz) for the overall output signal.
  • Custom color schemes can be defined.
  • Several cosmetic changes in the GUI.

This beta version has demo restrictions: after 20 minutes of use, the output is muted & total recall (state saving/restoring) by the host is disabled (the internal preset management is fully functional).

Visit rs-met for more information.