RTW focuses on visualizing audio in order to let audio engineers take informed decisions in professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control. Now, the company’s acclaimed audio metering platform TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 comes with an added bonus.


The RTW Mastering Tools are part of the RTW Masterclass PlugIns, a range of products that provide RTW meters as plug-ins, handling up to 8 channels of PPM, TruePeak, and Loudness measurement at up to 96 kHz.

Perfect Hard/Soft Partners

The RTW Mastering Tools suite of plug-ins is the perfect companion for TouchMonitor TM7 or TM9 hardware audio meters. The engine of the plug-ins builds on the exact same algorithms as their hardware counterparts, which means the critical measuring results will always be identical. Absolute consistency across platforms is simply guaranteed.

Included Tools

Beside PPM and TruePeak metering and loudness sum and numeric instruments, RTW Mastering Tools includes another six powerful instruments: Loudness range (LRA) with MagicLRA, SPL view, Surround Sound Analyzer, Multi Correlator / Stereo Correlator, Audio Vectorscope and Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA).

The suite of instruments allows users to conduct extensive analysis and display functions for mastering, metering and loudness measurements within a DAW or as stand-alone operation.

Thanks to a recent, comprehensive v4.1 update, support for the latest Windows and macOS versions are fully covered and improved multi-channel features for Pro Tools, aligning with the channel layout from mono and up to 8 channels, have been added.

Tailor to Fit

The software versions of the metering tools offer the same degree of functionality and clarity as the hardware editions. Each instrument can be arranged and scaled to fit any screen, and further, various function parameters even offer extra flexibility.

For instance, six selectable window frames (landscape and portrait view) allow users to freely organize the positioning of the provided instruments. Also, multiple instances may be used simultaneously and users can store all setups and layouts as presets.

Customers that purchase a hardware TouchMonitor can now extend audio metering to their computers at half the price. The actual RTW Mastering Tools discount voucher in the TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 boxes is valid exclusively in the RTW Online Shop.

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