Saku Tiainen has released a new version of BeatEd, a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 mobile phones.

BeatEd now has improved support for handling multiple sample kits.

New in BeatEd v1.11.00 features

  • File submenu renamed as Pattern and Pattern info renamed as Pattern prefs and moved to Pattern submenu.
  • A new Sample kit submenu added and Load sample kit command moved there. Sample kit info command added.
  • Available sample kits are scanned at startup from C: and E: drives.
  • Sample kit location removed from settings. Not needed anymore.
  • Sample kit ID stored in the pattern file and correct kit is loaded automatically with pattern.
  • Maximum pattern length extended from 16 to 64 beats.

Note: Patterns that were saved using the earlier version do not have the sample kit tag, so the correct sample kit will not be opened. You can open the pattern, then select the default sample kit and save the file. Then it has the tag and the sample kit is loaded automatically next time. All v1.11 sample kits have tags in example pattern files.

New sample kits are available for download as well. The new kits include 8 bit Nintendo Game boy chip tune kit by Aleksi Heatbeat Eeben and Roland TR-808, CR-78 and TR-909 analog drum machine kits by Juha-Matti AMJ Hilpinen.

Check the BeatEd website for more information and links to download the latest version of BeatEd and additional drum kits.