Splice Sounds has released Clips 2, a sample pack featuring over 200 loops and samples by Salva.

Splice Sounds Salva Clips 2

Following up on the first volume, this new pack of Salva’s “open-source” beat tape Clips comes with more drums, percussion and fx.

Clips 2 is inspired musically from audio and movie clips, which you can hear in the 40-some odd minutes of various musical stylings like UK Grime, endless of southern trap, and bits of Cali, New York, Miami and Chicago all with an underlying 808 backbone.

This sample collection consists of Salva’s favorite drum, percussion and fx. The concept behind Clips is a forward-thinking approach pushing a new “open source” music format where everybody is encouraged to collaborate and share content instead of being forced to illegally remix songs, which results in so much great underground music going to waste or never being discovered in the first place.

Clips 2 is now available for download to Splice subscribers. New users use promo code yt2021 to sign up for 1 month free access with 100 download credits.

More information: Splice Sounds