Sample Logic and System Blue have joined forces to announce two upcoming revolutionary products Rumble and Fanfare, the world’s first set of Kontakt Player virtual instruments to combine the finest in traditional marching drums and brass with cutting-edge cinematic sound design.

These superbly flexible virtual instruments will give educators, composers, and musicians an imaginative, innovative, and inspiring new sonic palette for creative music-making. Rumble and Fanfare feature the legendary DCI World Champion Blue Devils drum & bugle corps and was recorded by Leslie Ann Jones on the Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound (a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company).

What is Rumble?

Rumble delivers a comprehensive set of pristine, carefully crafted marching drum samples. Each instrument was captured using modern-day film score recording techniques at multiple dynamic levels, round-robins, and at close, mid, and far microphone placements, affording composers, producers, arrangers, and performers a solid foundation for realizing accurate, dynamic musical productions.

But that’s just the beginning…Rumble goes far beyond traditional marching drums and enters into the morphed sonic realm of Sample Logic’s trademark “blurring the line between music and sound design.” All of the drums recorded for Rumble are not only included as production-ready multi-sampled instruments, but are also used as the basis for all of the morphed sounds. The result is a library that contains both traditional instruments and an evocative collection of morphed “cinematic” instruments, including transitions, atmospheres, and rhythms aimed squarely at the needs of TV, film, game and electronic music composers.

What is Fanfare?

Fanfare features a broad array of marching brass instruments recorded both on the scoring stage and on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium (home of the Buffalo Bills). The indoor recordings were done at close, mid, and far microphone placements, while the outdoor recordings were captured by Grammy® Award winner Frank Dorritie using state of the art stadium surround sound recording techniques. The resulting sonic textures range from full stadium ambience to an “in-your-face” brass ensemble, with all of the recordings capturing The Blue Devils’ signature sound of amazingly inventive chords, avant-garde clusters, swells, and organic brass effects.

And it doesn’t stop there…Fanfare not only boasts the finest traditional marching brass samples available, but extends the library’s sonic reach via Sample Logic’s signature “blurring the line between music and sound design” programming techniques. Starting with the traditional brass recordings, an entire library of morphed “cinematic” multi-sampled instruments was created, putting not only world-class marching brass at your fingertips, but also an inspiring array of melodics, pads, leads, stingers, impacts, transitions, atmospheres, and articulated rhythms–all organized into easily accessible, production-ready presets.

The “Kontakt Kings” are at it again!
Sample Logic has once again produced one of the most advanced Kontakt user interfaces to date. Building on their exclusive “multi-core effects sequencer,” premiered in Cinematic Guitars, both Rumble and Fanfare provide over 40 screens of sophisticated, powerful, user controls for complete customization of the sounds. Controls include spatialization and sound-swirling effects, sequencers, LFOs, arppegiation, a rhythmic articulator, and a fully integrated multi-microphone mixer. Rumble also contains a newly invented loop engine that displays loop slices graphically and supports independent editing, effects processing, and real-time automation of each slice. Fanfare also features an exclusive five-mic surround mixer for the stadium instruments. And if you need even more inspiration, each and every instrument includes a comprehensive set of randomization options that give you virtually unlimited power to morph and sculpt any instrument in the libraries.

Both libraries are now available to pre-order.

  • Rumble MSRP: $299.99, ships August 8, 2011 (download available August 16, 2011).
  • Fanfare MSRP: $399.99, will be released Fall 2011.

More information: Sample Logic