Sample Logic has announced the kick-off of its “Exclusive Sweet 16 Sale” in celebration of its 16 year anniversary with a sale on Cinemorphx for Kontakt, offering a 75% discount on the virtual instrument with a collection of over 30 GB of cinematic sample material.

At the heart of CINEMORPHX is Sample Logic’s proprietary quad-core sample engine powered by a unique Morph Animator. This revolutionary tool allows you to simultaneously morph up to 8 unique “sound sources” running through 4 “sound cores”, but the morphing doesn’t stop there. All 8 sound sources run through a XY Core Mixer, which allows for seamless morphing between the 4 sound cores. Combining morph animation with psychoacoustic sampling and hybrid synthesis CINEMORPHX will surely bring unprecedented power to your production toolbox.

Cinemorphx features

  • Over 6,000 never-before-heard sound presets.
  • Dozens of fully-customizable effects presets.
  • Quad-core sample engine, allowing simultaneous playback of up to 8 sound sources.
  • Sample Logic’s proprietary Morph Animator, Step Animator, XY Mixers.
  • Hot-swappable FX chain technology.
  • Fully randomizable interface for instant inspiration.

Regularly $299.99, Cinemorphx for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (full version) is on sale for only $74.99 USD until July 25th, 2022.

More information: Sample Logic