VST Buzz has launched a sale on Gamelan by Sample Logic, a Kontakt Player instrument library featuring a suite of incredibly unique cinematic sounds (percussive, melodic & atmospheres) morphed from recordings of 25 Balinese Gamelan instruments.

Featuring over 1,700 instruments and multis for Kontakt Player, it will make you rethink what’s sonically possible!

Each sample was recorded, processed, manipulated, morphed and then programmed creatively utilizing Sample Logic’s award-winning user interface controls.

Geared towards film, TV, game composers, and sound designers, Gamelan takes cinematic sound design to an entirely new level.

Sample Logic Gamelan

Gamelan features

  • Excellent tool for writing underscore music, anything with a Middle Eastern slant, trailer music, industrial music and sound design.
  • Huge 14GB of content (14GB is the compressed size of the library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression).
  • Massive range of Balinese Gamelan instruments were recorded then morphed and mangled into new melodic, percussive and atmospheric sounds.
  • Complex yet intuitive interface offering complete control over each sound.
  • Endless Possibilites with Unlimited Randomisation (well OK, limited to 2,400 trillion sonic combinations!).
  • Combine up to 8 different sound sources to create new sounds.
  • 421 Atmospheres (58 Bizarre, 97 Dark ­ Mysterious, 71 Electronic ­ Effectual, 87 Mixed Emotions, 28 Stingers, 79 World Organic).
  • 316 Instrumentals (55 Arpeggiated, 104 Organic, 74 Synth, 82 Traditional).
  • 322 Loops (84 Action Packed, 120 Electronic ­ Effectual, 51 Pop Hop, 56 World Organic).
  • 368 Percussives (31 Arpeggiated, 11 Hit Ensembles, 266 Impacts, 17 Traditional, 42 Transitions).
  • 260 Multi Cores (34 Atmospheres, 71 Instrumentals, 53 Loops, 47 Percussives).
  • Compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player.

Sample Logic Gamelan is available from VST Buzz for just 79.99 EUR until November 22nd, 2016 (regular 316 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz