Sample Logic has announced the availability of Gamelan for the full version of Kontakt, an instrument library with over 1,700 patches in a variety of categories, including atmospheres, instrumentals, loops, and multi cores.

GAMELAN includes over 750 soundsources, 700 soundcores, 1,700 instruments, and a 14 GB compressed sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression. All samples were recorded at 88.2kHz and are delivered at 44.1kHz/24- bit.

The library includes the sounds of 25 Balinese Gamelan instruments that were morphed and mutated:

  • Instrumental: Grantang, Jegogan, Jublag, Kajar, Kantilan, Kempli, Pemade, Penyacah, Reyong, Suling, Trompong & Ugal.
  • Percussive: Cedugan Wadon, Cedugan, Ceng Ceng, Gentorag Chime, Gong, Gupekan Wadon, Gupekan, Kempur, Klentong, Krumpungan Wadon, Krumpungan, Rebab & Vocalese.

Gamelan is offered at an introductory price of $89.99 USD until May 27th, 2022. The regular price is $249.99 USD.

More information: Sample Logic