Vintage House Chords

Sample Magic has announced the release of Vintage House Chords and SH101 Acid Lines, two new sample packs.

Vintage House Chords features a collection of gritty, old school chord shots for classic house jams.

Dusty keys, classic organs and retro synths abound in this 101-strong collection of chord stabs imbued with the trademark warmth and character of classic US house and garage.

Processed through a raft of classic samplers – including the Akai MPC60, MPC1000 and Ensoniq Mirage – the chords are stamped with 8 and 12-bit crunch to give your tracks the distinctive re-sampled aesthetic synonymous with the east coast house sound.

SH101 Acid Lines

SH101 Acid Lines is a sample pack featuring 101 authentic acid loops from the Roland SH-101 synthesizer.

Paying homage to early acid, rave and hardcore, SH101 Acid Lines puts a contemporary twist on the classic acid sound to create 101 analogue workouts primed for the new wave of acid-injected electro and techno.

Sourced from our much-loved SH-101, each loop has been expertly tweaked, filtered and modulated on the fly to create killer acid cuts oozing with analogue attitude.

Vintage House Chords costs £9.90 GBP, SH0101 Acid Lines is £12.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic