Sample Remix Contest: Time to vote!

Vote Here, Feb 5, 2008 by waldo oiseau @ Flickr

The first sample remix contest has come to an end. Well, the fun part of it anyway. Now it’s time to get serious and vote.

I’m absolutely pleased with the amount of tracks submitted. Above and beyond my expectation… almost fifty of them, and of great quality too.

I’m also glad you guys will have to decide who wins, as I don’t think I’d be able to pick just one entry to win the prize…

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and good luck with the votes!

How to vote?

Voting is simple. Just pick your top 3 and post them in the comments in this page.

Something like this:

  1. Artist – Title, this one will get 3 points
  2. Another artist – Another track, this one will get 2 points
  3. You get the point – right? so yes, 1 point for this entry

Voting is open to anyone, but please don’t vote without considering (and actually listening to) all entries. Make sure to use a working email address when you post your vote.

Voting ends on Friday, August 8, 11.59:59pm CET. You can only vote ONCE, and participants NEED to vote in order to be eligible to win.

Who will be the winner?

Our wonderful friends at Ohm Force have generously added two more bundles to the prize pot, so there will be a total of three prizes to be won:

  • 1st place : ALL-ALL Bundle
  • 2nd place : ALL-FX Bundle
  • 3rd place : ALL-Disto Bundle *or* ALL-Filters Bundle

Even though anyone can vote, the first prize will actually be decided by the participants’ votes only. For 2nd and 3rd place all votes count.

The winners will be announced on Saturday, August 9.

Contest entries

You can listen to all the entries in the mp3 player and download the tracks from the list below.

To avoid RSI you can also download all the tracks in a single ~300MB zip archive here instead of clicking on all the links below.

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64 Comments on "Sample Remix Contest: Time to vote!"

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1. Jonas The Plugexpert – ik mis je by
2. Filu – Hint of oldschool
3. i suck, u rox – 100 percent mouse

Nice to listen to the various mixs from a few samples, differences and similiar elements poping in and out.

1. Jonas The Plugexpert – Ik Mis Je 2. Embryonic – Evolution 3. Teister – Troller What a wealth of TALENT we had in this contest!! Every track was good in it’z own way. I think we should make an online album of the songz (the onez who want to add their songz that is) in this contest and provide it for download!! Some one could put together an album cover and decide a name for it like “The Rekkerd Remix vol.1” With each remix contest put out another volume. I don’t know,just an idea that I think would be… Read more »

1. Runagate – F.S.Ü.
2. Jonas the Plug Expert – Ik Mis Je
3. André James Houghton – Duck

I had a lot of fun!
Thanks Ronnie.


1. Ghost – Crank
2. Ad-Ex Machina – God Hates the Working Man
3. 337 – Rhetoric

Good Luck!!!
Thank U Ronnie…


Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk

Dark Embassy – Sabotaging the Thinking Machine

Hideki Takimoto – Entitled

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Oooooooooon Guuuuuys!!!


Ad-ex machina- god hates the working man-3points
Winter drought-3am -2points
Ghost- crank- 1-point

loads of good enteries, album idea sounds cool.
p.s if it did happen, i do digital photography for my own album artworks so could make one up for it.
cheers rekkerd to the cool free samples, sure to be lots of fun to work with with out the remix rules.
good luck everyone :)

reason lahalla
reason lahalla

Paul Hoda – I Told You (3)
3am – Winter drought (2)
Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk (1)

Great job everyone, and thanks for organizing the contest Ronnie!


1. bl4xun – rekkerd con (3)
2. Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk (2)
3. Pal Hoda – I Told You (1)

Some great tracks in there!

bl4xun i thought the intro to rekkerd con was beautiful.

A J Houghton – some really intricate detail in your track, especially the guitar sounding part that came in!


1. Reason Lahalla – Fall Again – 3 points
2. Jonathan Allen – 6am – 2points
3. Jonas the Plugexpert – ik mis je – 1 point

I agree, we should make an album with these songs ;) Good luck everyone, great job everyone! :D Thanks Ronnie ;)


1 Mokeone – Who burnt the toast – 3 points

2 André James Houghton – Duck Walk – 2 points

3 bl4xun – rekkerd con – 1 point

All the best,


1. 337 – Rhetoric
2. Softegg – Takeoff
3. Ace Fadal – Cont

1. 3am – winter drought 2. André James Houghton – Duck Walk 3. Deljuan Ramirez – The Last Day ronnie, you’re a bastard. Is this all because I called you archie? I thought I’d survive all the other entanglements I had with you this month, but voting was the hardest. Bonus: new 3am track! I am an unabashed fan despite being a netifriend. My head hurts a lot now, listened to each on speakers and headphones more than once in many cases. Some amazing surprises in my ears, I’m stunned at the level of talent on display. I honestly expected… Read more »

Ace Fedal – cont. 3pts
Teister – Troller 2pts
Oxygen – I reckon. 1pt

Boba Fettuccini
Boba Fettuccini

What A F*ck by DJ M+R – 3 pts

Winter Drought by 3am – 2 pts

and because I really like mine…

AD 2801 – Returning To Earth by Boba Fettuccini – 1 pt


1.3am – Winter Drought
2.Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk
3.Alchemists of Sound – Mono Noise

And because I think they deserve mention (and made my voting VERY difficult):

4.337 – Rhetoric
5.Embryonic – Evolution
6.Dark Embassy – Sabotaging the Thinking Machine
7.Ad-Ex Machina – God Hates the Working Man
8.DJ M+R – What a f*ck!
9.Ace Fadal – Cont.
10.ProductBe – The Rozzers are Coming

And all others tie for 11, except mine, which is like, ehh… 94 ;)

Thanks for the contest Ronnie/, I gained quite a lot just by participating!

Paul Hoda
Paul Hoda

1. 3am – winter drought
2. TommyG – Dream Walker
3. Jonas The Plugexpert – ik mis je

It was very hard to decide, there are more than just 3 good tracks.

4. Ghost – Crank
5. Cunigus-squeezing
6. Rauschen440 – Nightflight
7. Deljuan Ramirez – The_last_day
8. Andre James Houghton – Duck_Walk
9. Embryonic – Evolution
10. Azertopia – Gateway_X02

Richard Jonas (plugexpert)
Richard Jonas (plugexpert)

Lot of entries, like what I’m hearing so far and enjoying everybody’s take on the similar samplepack.

Am going to download the big .zip, put the mp3s on a usb stick and marinate my listening for a while to determine my favorites.




1. Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk (3 points)
2. Hideki Takimoto – untitled (2 points)
3. Ghost – Crank (1 point)


Yes, like audiopath and paul hoda were saying :it’s hard to choose.There is a lot of good glitch/granular tracks…There is also a lot of tracks well mixed… (I’m a winamp user and I cant detach my eyes from the beat tetector and the per-band analyser)…So finally I’ve choose to put 3 points to Ace Fedal because there is a cool part with some chromatic ‘clicks’ I’ve found very good…The first impression is not necesseraly bad…anyway this contest make a folder with a bunch of track to keep for further listening…

and sorry for this spamming comment…hihi