Sampleism has launched its online service, offering Community Based Sample Libraries.


Sampleism is a new and revolutionary platform for selling your own audio creations. Specifically sample libraries, virtual instruments, loops, patches and sound collections. We offer an amazing user-friendly interface that enables talented Sound Engineers to easily upload new sounds and offer them for sale instantly.

This system provides a central location where customers will be able to find the most varied, comprehensive and accessible sound collections from the greatest independent producers on the planet.

Sampleism features

  • Login with any existing social network I.D.
  • Upload directly from your browser.
  • Connect with Soundcloud to host your demonstration files and gain access to over 5 million potential customers.
  • Track all your kits, sales and earnings.
  • Request your earnings at any time.
  • Edit your kits at any time.
  • Manage your own profile.
  • Develop your own custom URLs.
  • Embed videos, audio and images.
  • Direct Social Network integration.
  • In-page discussion boards.

More information: Sampleism