Samplephonics has announced the release of some new sample libraries.

Cinematic Electronica features a collection of loops, samples, MIDI and presets for electronic music and film scores.

Samplephonics Cinematic Electronica

Let this awe inspiring sample library take you on a deep, melodic and thought provoking journey into organic sound, playful electronics and tasteful textures. A unique concept perfect for electronic music and film scores alike, Cinematic Electronica will be a refreshing source of inspiration for your next production.

Inside this moving electronica sample library you will find lush orchestral arrangements, dense pads, cascading piano melodies, unique foley and found sound loops, imaginative chord progressions and deep atmospheric soundscapes, sprinkled with subtle effects, gentle dynamics and produced with the deftest of touches.

Desert Percussion features a collection of percussion samples by Chris Wells and Iain Pattinson.

Samplephonics Desert Percussion

If you are looking for striking and highly original percussion samples, then look no further than Desert Percussion. This skillfully played and beautifully recorded collection of North African and Arabic percussion samples will add a unique and exotic flair to your productions.

A remarkable percussion sample library featuring hypnotic Frame Drum patterns, shimmering Waterfall Shakers, swinging rattle patterns, booming Dabruka loops and other exotic and interesting percussion instruments. Played and recorded by renowned session percussionists Chris Wells and Iain Pattinson, this pack features a huge collection of loops and one shots and covers a wide range of tempos, grooves and time signatures, making it an ideal production tool whatever your taste in music.

Cloud Machines features a collection of 254 loops and 176 one shot samples.

Samplephonics Cloud Machines

Talk about inspiring! Cloud Machines is treasure-trove of distinctive melodies, natural sounds and intricate organic textures. A truly unique sample pack full of exquisitely produced loops, creative music making tools and bags of studio inspiration.

This imaginative collection of loops and samples features playful xylophone melodies, dancing kalimbas, plucked acoustic guitar lines, glistening glockenspiel loops, warm analogue synths, tuned percussion and found sound drums, that are perfect to add a unique organic edge to your next Electronica, Garage or House production.

Dream Cycles is a new royalty free EDM sample pack.

Samplephonics Dream Cycles

If you are in the market for blissed out, dreamy EDM and Future Bass samples, then you are in the right place! Dream Cycles is overflowing with all the emotive synth sounds, polished beats and inspirational melodic ideas you need to fuel your next production.

Inside this pristine EDM sample pack you will find a huge selection of music loops and one shots covering warm, natural sounding piano samples, dream like ambient pads, ethereal reverse textures, organic percussion loops and pizzicato synth plucks set against upbeat, EDM style beats and the deepest of sub-basslines.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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