Samplephonics has released Future House, a sample pack made up of funky drums, heavy bass lines, pulsing synths and choppy vocals.

Samplephonics Future House

Future House is an uplifting collection of super-modern sounds that is sure to bring some summertime colour to the greyest of mixes. If you’re in the market for funky house drums, deep groove-shaking bass lines, pulsing synths and choppy vocal samples – then have we got the pack for you!

Whether you produce the classic sounds of deep house or fresh EDM, Future House delivers classy, contemporary production straight to your fingertips. The exquisite production of this sample pack expertly demonstrates the marriage between complex textures and melodies with all-out party bangers! Beautifully recorded live percussion loops help give the pounding drum machines even more groove.

Wires & Boxes features a collection of modular synth sounds.

Samplephonics Wires & Boxes

Wires & Boxes is an inimitable collection of machine driven sounds and experimental synth loops that will really set your tracks apart from the crowd. An experimental journey through sound design and looping concepts, this mechanised collection of production tools will add a unique and raw sound to your next production.

Created with a incredible array of analogue machines and one hell of a modular synth, this mind bending collection of loops and one-shot samples features gritty drum sounds, rumbling bottom end, rasping leads synth loops, evolving textural experiments, kinetic sequences and multifaceted percussive layers. An extremely flexible sound set that will work perfectly in your productions regardless of whether you’re an electronica producer, sound designer, techno head or anything else!

Cyclic Ambience is an electronica sample pack made up of multi layered processed sounds, intricate drum loops, melodic synths, and more.

Samplephonics Cyclic Ambience

Cyclic Ambience is an awe-inspiring experimental minimal electronica sample pack full of tiny fragments of sound and miniature musical elements that have been meticulously looped, layered and processed to create a truly special and inspiring production toolset.

Inside you will find a beautiful combination of emotive melodies, glitchy electronics, retro synth sounds, warm subs, delicate piano lines, crisp guitars, evolving soundscapes, gentle Rhodes pianos and intricate drum loops. Each sound is truly unique and will bring new diverse sound sculpting possibilities to your production capabilities.

Immortal DnB is an essential collection of Drum & Bass loops and samples, featuring heavy bass, raw synths and hard hitting drums.

Samplephonics Immortal DnB

Immortal DnB is a hard hitting, in your face Drum & Bass sample pack. The level of production is superb and the range of sounds make it a must have studio companion if you produce DnB, Half Step, Neuro or bass heavy electronic music.

Inside this vital collection of face melting Drum & Bass loops and samples, you will find screaming lead synths, tech DnB drum loops, rasping bass sounds, deep subs, choppy breakbeats, intricate percussion loops, atmospheric soundscapes and otherworldly sound FX. With over 250 loops and 170 hard hitting one shots, this pack provides masses of inspirational building blocks, track starters and mix exciting elements that are waiting to get to work on your next production.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

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