Samplephonics has announced the release of Rad Wolf: Lo Fi Acoustics is an emotive film score sample library that blends lo fi electronica, acoustic guitar samples, location recordings & sound design.

Samplephonics Rad Wolf Lo Fi Acoustics

Rad Wolf: Lo Fi Acoustics provides the perfect toolkit to create emotive and personal soundtracks to the moving image and beyond.

This delicately crafted film score sample library is filled to the brim with astounding performances across a number of live instruments, making it a diverse and inspiring set of sounds, that will work across a broad range of musical styles and genres.

Also released is Techno One Shots, a sample pack featuring a collection of Techno drums, FX & bass hits.

Samplephonics Techno One Shots

The return of Ténèbre is always a fine thing, and with his latest collection, the world of Techno one shots have been well and truly annihilated.

A true gentleman of Techno, Ténèbre has divided the sounds into 12 incredibly useful folders of Techno drums and one shot sounds, including open & closed hats, kick attacks and subs, hi & low perc samples, plus the mandatory snares and rim shots. The options are truly endless for anyone producing aggressive Techno or dark electronic genres.

Rad Wolf: Lo Fi Acoustics and Techno One Shots are now available for purchase for £34.70 GBP and £19 GBP, respectively.

More information: Samplephonics