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Samplerbanks releases “Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis” by Sound Guru

Samplerbanks Logic's ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis, a tutorial video by Sound Guru.

Synthesis can seem extremely daunting. When you open up a synth like Logic’s ES2, you’re confronted with a huge array of buttons, knobs and sliders whose function seems obscure at best.

Even if you study the manual and can find your way around, it can still be extremely frustrating; hearing the sounds you want to make in your head, but unable to produce them. ES2 Synthesis: Basic to Intermediate guides you all the way from the foundations of synthesis to advanced sound design in 2hrs 35mins of HD video.

Logic’s ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis is available to purchase for £21.99 GBP.

More information: Samplerbanks

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