Samples From Mars has launched a new sample pack featuring the sounds of the rare, early 80s MPC1 analog drum synthesizer and sequencer from MPC Electronics.

In contrast to Akai’s more famous line of digital MPC samplers, this MPC is a short-lived, 100% analog drum synthesizer that sounds something like an 808 crossed with a 606 and a Simmons.

But due to its lack of commercial success, these sounds have gone largely unused in modern music – making the MPC1 a perfect opportunity to use vintage, analog drum hits while standing out from the more popularized sounds of that era like the 808 and 909.

The collection includes:

  • 874 24bit WAV Samples.
  • (10) 16x Hit Kits for easy jamming.
  • Clean & Color versions of all samples.
  • Analog, 808 style Bass Drum, White Noise Snare Drum, Kraftwerk Claps.
  • Simmons-esc Toms, 606 style Hi Hats and Crunchy Cymbals.
  • Every voice multi-sampled via parameters where possible (Pitch, Decay, Noise Blend and more).
  • Clap sampled via round robin.
  • Recorded through an API 1608 console, Apogee Symphony, and other class A recording gear.
  • 100% Hardware processing.
  • (1) Midi Groove template captures the MPC1’s signature quantize & groove.
  • 125.5 MB Unzipped.

MPC1 From Mars is available for $29 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars