SampleScience has announced the release of a new instrument plugin inspired by the ARP Solina.

The Analog String Ensemble is a sample-based plugin that faithfully recreates the sound of the legendary synthesizer string ensemble from the 1970s. It features the 6 original sounds from the synth, meticulously sampled with the iconic chorus effect intact.

Renowned artists such as Pink Floyd, Air, Tangerine Dream, The Cure, New Order, and many more have harnessed the captivating sounds of this instrument to create their music. It embodies a timeless and iconic tone that has left an indelible mark on the landscape of popular music.

This virtual incarnation not only preserves the authenticity of the original but also expands upon it by doubling the available sounds and introducing saw and sine oscillators, providing you with greater sonic flexibility. Additionally, it incorporates six effects, filters, and a versatile multi-modulator, empowering you to fine-tune these extraordinary sounds to your individual preferences.

Priced $30 USD, the plugin is available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3 and AU formats.

More information: SampleScience / Analog String Ensemble