Sampleso has released FloppyTron Synth, a Kontakt instrument library inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games.

Sampleso FloppyTron presets

Floppytron is a true testament to our dedication to give our customers the most unique and special instruments, so you could stand out and get a unique sound for your productions.

Our team has custom built and coded the circuit, based on an Arduino Uno, that will enable a enable a floppy drive to receive and play a corresponding MIDI note. Then, using high end, state of the art equipment, we carefully sampled each note using some advance acoustic and mic positioning techniques to give the floppy drive a fuller, deeper sound.

Implemented into our custom Kontakt engine, the Floppytron becomes an instrument unlike any other; with some exclusive features that are impossible to achieve with a conventional floppy drive. Giving the user the ability to shape, sequence, morph and manipulate the sound using various fx making the Floppytron a truly inspiring tool for your projects.

FloppyTron features

  • Extra wide Interface.
  • Flat & Intuitive design.
  • Sampled with high-end equipment.
  • Exclusive beat sync engine.
  • Unique Kontakt engine interface.
  • Sampleso exclusive and inspiring effects Morpher.
  • 2 LFO’s and 2 advanced step sequencers.
  • Advanced Key-switch function.
  • More than 100 presets + presets easy tags navigation.
  • 18 FX included.

FloppyTron for Kontakt is on sale for $24.99 USD until August 31st, 2017 (regular $49.99 USD).

More information: Sampleso / FloppyTron

Sampleso FloppyTron keys

Sampleso FloppyTron beat

Sampleso FloppyTron glide

Sampleso FloppyTron adsr

Sampleso FloppyTron lfo

Sampleso FloppyTron step

Sampleso FloppyTron arp

Sampleso FloppyTron morph

Sampleso FloppyTron effects