Sampleson has announced the release of a new audio plugin that is designed to emulate the warm, harmonically-rich sound of analog saturation.

The OverHeat plugin replicates the natural distortion and compression that occurs when analog signals are pushed to their limits.

OverHeat is modeled to emulate tube saturation principles wich usually ads offset before non-linear processing. It creates a more realistic and natural-sounding saturation effect.

By modeling the harmonic content of the signal before it undergoes non-linear processing, the plugin is able to add harmonics in a more musical and pleasing way, enhancing the overall character and tonal quality of the sound. This results in a more expressive and dynamic sound that can add warmth, depth, and interest to digital recordings.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU plugin formats, OverHeat is free to download in return for signing up at Sampleson.

More information: Sampleson