Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Melox Pro by Sampleson, a virtual melodica instrument featuring stereo and binaural modes.

The melodica was captured with various articulations. It includes key noises and air sounds for a realistic sound.

The Melodica has never been taken seriously until today. You won’t find a professionally sampled one out there. This is why Sampleson made the first studio-grade Melodica. Adding a layer of scripting Sampleson recreated the expressiveness of a real instrument, including release velocities, noises, key clicks, air sound, and mechanics. Also Sampleson made it binaural for increasing realism.

Melox Pro is perfect for soloing and also for chord playing. Sampleson fine-tuned it until it sounds like no other one. Perfect tuning, fast attack, expressive releases and no chasis vibration.

Available in VST and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, Melox Pro is priced $10 USD until October 2nd, 2022 (regular $20 USD).

More information: Sampleson