Samplestate has launched a collection of fresh new vocals from one of the world’s most in demand house vocalists and top line writers.

Supreme House Vocals comes with sung and spoken vocal phrases, adlibs, vocal hits, and progressed/special FX vocals.

What sets this pack ahead of other products for us at Samplestate HQ is the amazing answering phrase section. We’ve often found ourselves as producers working with vocal packs wishing there was some form of answering phrase included with a sample and continually searching through libraries to find something or recruiting a session singer to fill the gap.

With Supreme House Vocals we aimed to include a paired answering phrase with it. So, for those unfamiliar with phrasing, you get one line of a vocal in a sample, then a second phrase that is different yet complimentary.

The sample pack is available at the Loopmasters store for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Samplestate