Sampletraxx has introduced its new sound library featuring over 350 designed, ready to use signature sound effects to help you creating horror music from scratch.

Micro Horror features a collection of brutal yet minimal horror sound effects for intense sound design, trailer cues and sound scores with ease.

16 sound categories covering the three main sections of a horror trailer structure: INTRO, MID and CLIMAX. From subtle atmospheres and nuances to heavy peaks and everything in the middle, Micro Horror got you covered.

Micro Horror features

  • Mangled truck horns turned into beautiful hi-mid and low orchestral sweeps and phrases, signature horns and creepy brass ensemble.
  • Groaning, moaning, stressed cello sound effects, screeches, pulses and frictions.
  • A complete set of large, massive yet minimal hits, boom, low hits and 808 horror sounds.
  • Hard risers and whooshes, long tonal swells, metal feedback resonances, deep sampled cymbals an Tibetan bells, stingers, micro glitches and more.

The sample pack is priced $49 USD.

More information: Sampletraxx