SAR VSTs Logana

SAR VSTs has released Logana and Logana FX, two free VST plug-ins for Windows.

Logana features

  • 3 Oscillator virtual analog synthesizer.
  • Osc matrix with sync, fm, pm and pwm.
  • ADSR modulation envelope for oscs 1 & 2 and pw.
  • Noise module with level and color.
  • LFO for pitch/pw, oscillator selector.
  • Filter with ADSR, 12/24/36dB filter slope.
  • Amplitude envelope and output control.
  • GUI by Limeflavour.

Logana is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC. A separate Logana FX plug-in featuring a delay, chorus and phaser is included in the download.