Steinberg has launched a sale on the Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection, offering a 50% discount on the bundle of VST instruments including HALion 6 and Groove Agent 4.

Steinberg Absolute 3 sale

Consisting of the top range of Steinberg’s acclaimed VST instruments, Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection offers over 6,800 presets and over 70 GB of first-class sounds, VST technology and advanced sound design.

Absolute 3 is the perfect tool for music production, composing and live performance of all styles, combining exceptional quality and premium value at a fantastic price.

The Absolute VST Instruments Collection is available at 50% off with coupon code ABSOLUTE2018 at checkout.

The offer includes the full version of the Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection, updates from Absolute 1 and 2, and crossgrades from HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and Groove Agent 4.

The sale ends April 12th, 2018.

More information: Steinberg