Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Virtual Bassist Mellow 2 instrument by UJAM, a double bass playing jazzy acoustic hipster that provides body, texture and a big bottom end.

Virtual Bassist MELLOW – at the heart of it is a meticulously recorded acoustic double bass, played with soul and feel, implanted in a virtual instrument adding realism, behavior and a player who knows his stuff. Smooth, elegant, with the odd noise here and there. At home as a subtle foundation in a jazz trio as well as powerful second voice in Hip Hop.

As with every UJAM product, MELLOW benefits from our frustration-free design philosophy meaning anyone can use this product to make music faster, better and easier, regardless of their music production experience level. Just follow the simple controls on the user interface to easily trigger one of over 60 styles and 1380 phrases to use in your tracks.

Mellow 2 is on sale for $39 USD / 39 EUR until June 29th, 2020.

You can also save up to 50% on other UJAM instruments and bundles as part of a Summer Sale through July 5th.

More information: UJAM