Audio Plugin Deals has announced a sale on Cohesion, the collection of over 11,600 tempo-synced loops.

Cohesion features a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, drum kit, pop vocals, saxophone, trumpet, cello, flute, and unique ethnic string instruments.

For COHESION, we reached out and recorded skilled musicians performing in many genres. We realize that your time is valuable, and you are often faced with deadlines and time crunches. With COHESION, we carefully organized the loops to find the instrument and key you desire with ease.

Each instrument contains loops in a multitude of keys and tempos, which gives it a great level of flexibility. The loops are provided in 24-bit WAV format, and you’re given direct access to them upon download. This gives you the option of loading these up into a sampler engine of your choice, or even just chopping them up and processing them to your heart’s content.

If a loop library of this size ever existed, it would be offered at a much higher price point, we guess even above 1.000 USD!. At this low introductory two week price of $99.99, you are paying around half a penny per loop.

Cohesion is on sale for $49.99 USD for a limited time only.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals