Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive “3 for 10 Plugins Bundle” with up to 90% off on 3 audio plugins.

Krotos’ Simple Concept is an interactive and easy-to-use soft-synth powered by the Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface that lets you focus on your music.

Glitch from SoundSpot is an FX plugin that lets you bring rhythm and movement to your mixes as well as provide a signature ‘glitch’ effect that rhythmically alters the playback speed of your track in real time.

Lastly we have BLEASS’ Chorus, a two-stage chorus effect that offers full control of the stereo image as well as a large range of effects by adding stunning stereo modulations to any sound and allowing wide creative freedom for sound design.

The bundle is available to purchase for only $10 USD until October 2nd, 2022 (regular value $123 USD).

More information: Plugin Boutique