VST Buzz is offering a 91% discount on StudioWeapon Underscore, a Kontakt sample library developed specifically for composers who write underscore music for film, TV or video games.

Underscore is a sample library designed for writing underscore music for film, TV & video games. It’s a rhythmic juggernaut jam packed with features perfect for filling in gaps, creating beds under dialogue or to propel a track without using percussion.

It offers a wide range of acoustic-hybrid and electronic sounds and is the perfect tool for adding pulsing basslines, complicated polyphonic arpeggios and general sonic candy to your tracks! Great for underscore, electronic music and so much more!

Underscore features

  • 200+ Kontakt Instruments.
  • Basses, Bells & Mallets, Fast Food Orchestra, Guitars & Plucks, Pads, Percussion & FX, Synths.
  • 1GB of sample library content.
  • Import your own samples easily.
  • All patches are mix-ready and come pre-programmed with FPE patterns.
  • Built in “FluidPhrase Engine” – a 60-voice polyphonic sequencer with variable length and count-base.
  • 5 distinct trigger modes: Monophonic, Polyphonic, Poly-Retrigger, First Step Hold, or Chord-Split..
  • All patches include up to 5 sample layers with independent filters and envelopes.
  • All patches have 4 Phrase Envelopes available and can perform a wide array of sonically interesting manipulations over the length of a phrase.
  • Perfect tool for creating interesting rhythms with your melody and harmony.

Regularly 230.99 EUR, the Underscore library for Kontakt (full version) is on sale for only 19.99 EUR until December 5th.

More information: VST Buzz