Plugin Boutique has a launched a sale on the exclusive Glitchmachines Sample Pack Bundle, comprising four sample packs with a collection of unique, finely tuned samples of the highest sonic quality.

The 18GB+ bundle includes Vimana, Biomorph, Microsphere, and Syndrone, offering an indispensable resource for modern music production, games composition and multimedia applications.

Glitchmachines Sample Pack Bundle:

  • Vimana features 4,083 designed sound effects with a high-tech extraterrestrial aesthetic. Sound designer Ivo Ivanov brings us a massive collection of brand new science fiction sounds.
  • Biomorph features a broad spectrum of extraterrestrial sound effects including hyper-stylized digital soundscapes, mutated organisms, granulated liquids, twisted robotic vocalizations, sophisticated low-frequency effects and morphing plasmic textures that defy conventional categorization.
  • Microsphere brings an exotic collection of hidden sounds, including audible data transmissions, noise-beds, code sequences, noise bursts and other aural artefacts normally concealed from our sensory perception.
  • Syndrone features over 4.2 GB of alien environments, sinister drones and otherworldly atmospheres. This massive pack invites you to explore intergalactic battle drones, tense dreamscapes and alien soundscapes from another dimension.

The bundle is available at over 30% off the regular price of the four packs combined.

More information: Glitchmachines