Audio Plugin Deals has launched a new promotion on the Synth Bundle by Gospel Musicians, offering 80% off on a collection of three authentic sounding synth libraries: the BlueBeast, TGX-85 and TGX-99.

The BlueBeast is the most exhaustive virtual instrument emulation and sample library ever created of the Yamaha EX5. You get full access to the raw waveforms and VL instruments, as well as a complete emulation of the AN synth engine.

The TGX-85 is a Yamaha SY-85/TG-500 virtual instrument library eXpansion for Pure Synth Platinum. In many ways the TGX-85 rivals that of the actual hardware, because of the added modulation sources, the number of effects, and greater polyphony. The goal of the TGX-85 is to virtually put the feeling of the hardware right into your hands.

The TGX-99 is a Yamaha SY-99/TG-77 virtual instrument sample library based off of the Pure Synth Platinum platform. You get 4-oscillators in which to combine your waveforms as well as two filters, and two LFOs per oscillator. The arp and gate can be global or per oscillator as well as globalnd per oscillator effects, depending on the template you choose.

The bundle is on sale for $99.99 USD until November 13th, 2019 (regular $500 USD). A purchase includes 20% of what you spend ($19.99 USD) back into your rewards wallet for use in the APD Store.

Individual products are also sold at 60% off the regular price. All of these libraries run in the free UVI Workstation.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals