Native Instruments has launched a sale on Sonokinetic NKS instruments, offering discounts of up to 85% off for a limited time only.

From phrase-based cinematic tools to rare and exotic instruments, all Sonokinetic products combine instant playability with exquisite sound. This special offer includes a 25-product bundle with two new, exclusive instruments, and Noir – a new instrument that captures classic film noir sound, available here for the first time.

All instruments are NKS-ready, for easy browsing, automatic sound previews, and perfect integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards and MASCHINE.

The Sonokinetic Pro Bundle with a total value of 3,413 EUR is on sale for only 499 EUR during the promotion. It includes two exclusive, bundle-only products: Oud and Watchmaker.

The new Noir library is is not included in the Pro Bundle, however it is on sale at 50% off.

This phrase-based instrument for a classic noir sound includes saxophones, plus impros on flugelhorn, trumpet, and piano.

Noir is our first foray into what hopefully will turn out to be a new line in the Sonokinetic range. As always we have added some twists to our existing engine, but in this case it was more of a rewrite. For those familiar with our other orchestral libraries, Noir is different! Because of the nature of the musical content we decided to deviate from our usual four high-mid-low presets and go more in the vein of the atonal Espressivo, with 12 preset keys that each hold a single performance. This makes it even easier to combine different presets and experiment with intertwining melodies and harmonies, which achieves a more horizontal composing process. A lot of thought when into how to translate this concept into a useable interface and we hope you like what we’ve come up with and encourage this new direction.

In Noir we put all three recorded orchestral sections in a single Section instrument, which makes combining different instrument groups super easy, and of course we have our trusted randomize button that will serve up twelve fresh phrases with every press.

The sale ends February 28th, 2018.

More information: Native Instruments