The Loop Loft has launched a new batch of Weekend Deals, offering savings of up to 90% off on 8 selected packs and bundles.

During the sale, you will also receive a free copy of Eric Harland Drums Vol 2 at checkout.

The weekend is here! Save up to 90% on 8 of our most popular collections, plus receive a FREE surprise gift at checkout.

Choose from our critically acclaimed Drum Direktor plugin, The Matt Chamberlain (David Bowie, Fiona Apple) Drum Bundle, Indie Rock MIDI drums and much more.

The Loop Loft Weekend Deals

  • Matt Chamberlain Drums Bundle – Recorded at Chamberlain’s personal Cyclops Studio inside of the famed Sound City complex in Van Nuys, California, the Matt Chamberlain Drums bundle gives you instant access to both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Matt Chamberlain Artist Series libraries.
  • Indie Rock Drums – MIDI Drum Loops – This entire collection was recorded live on a drum kit, providing you with all of the subtleties and dynamics that can only come from a drummer that is currently living at his girlfriend’s place.
  • Drum Direktor FNK-4 – A revolutionary loop player, step sequencer, drum pad player, effects unit and mixing station, all in one instrument.
  • ReFill Bundle – If you’re a serious Propellerhead user who is looking to expand your sound and loop library with new patches for Kong, Combinator, Dr Octo Rex and ReDrum, then this is the bundle for you.
  • Beats Like Bonham Bundle – The Beats Like Bonham stereo loop collection contains a massive selection of grooves and fills from some of Led Zeppelin’s biggest hit tracks.
  • From The Garage Bundle – If you’re looking for a collection of loops and samples that sounds like nothing else out there, this is the bundle for you.
  • Four On The Floor Drum Bundle – Featuring eighteen complete sessions (and eighteen sampled drum kits), this massive bundle provides endless amounts of grooves and sounds, all recorded on live drum kits.
  • Odd Meter Bundle – The world’s largest collection of beats in 3, 5, 7, 9 and yes…. even in 21. Now’s your chance to stock up on over 218 odd meter loops.

The sale ends October 2nd, 2017.

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