Scarbee has announced the release of a versatile, neo-retro finger-played electric bass that aims to deliver everything from crispy modern punch, dirty growl, wah leads to muted warmth.

SCARBEE SUN BASS – FINGER represents the fifth evolution of SCARBEE’s electric bass VST plugins. We have every confidence that this instrument will help you to create expressive bass tracks that will raise the quality of your productions. This neo-retro finger-played bass is exceptionally versatile, offering a wide range of tones, from modern punch to gritty growl, expressive wah leads, and muted warmth.

Scarbee Sun Bass – Finger features

  • 130 Snapshot Presets.
  • Up to 60 velocities per note.
  • Both static and vibrating strings recorded.
  • Bridge pickup, Neck pickup and all mix between them.
  • 22.737 samples.
  • Download/install size 9.52 GB (16.89 GB uncompressed).
  • Automatic ‘Pretones’ – sound of finger pressing fret before note is played.
  • 4 muting levels fully controllable via keyswitches.
  • 2 types of muting: palm or left hand – or “dynamic foam”.
  • Doubles: octave, fifth and fourth controllable via keyswitches.
  • Up to 1885 different articulations variations per note (normal + 4 muting levels).
  • 2 Right-hand playing positions – freely switctable.

Priced 99 EUR, the library works with Kontakt 7 and the free Kontakt 7 Player.

More information: Scarbee