Heavyocity Media has just released new title in the award-winning GRAVITY Packs line of virtual instruments.

Long fascinated with the scoring capabilities of world-class guitars, this time Heavyocity has honed in on the emotional resonance and rhythmic drive of nylon and steel string acoustics with Scoring Acoustic Guitars.

Armed with an array of pristinely-sampled acoustic guitars, the renowned Heavyocity sound design team has elevated each pluck and vibration into a range of modern scoring content: from ambient complex pads to tense rhythmic pedals to unique, evolving guitarscapes.

“Scoring Acoustic Guitars encompasses the thrilling sound sources and creative processing that have made its Scoring Guitars predecessors essential,” said Neil Goldberg, Co-Founder and Partner, Heavyocity. “And this time, we’ve gone even further in solidifying the guitar’s status as a serious cinematic tool.”

Powered by the cutting-edge Gravity engine, Scoring Acoustic Guitars delivers a vast collection of tempo-synced acoustic phrases, designed to inspire composers and producers on a deadline.

Add in a selection of complex pads, pulses, guitarscapes, and multi-sampled rhythmic strums and pedals, and Scoring Acoustic Guitars continues to further Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars mission: to provide unique guitar-based cinematic content for the modern composer.

Scoring Acoustic Guitars for Kontakt and the free Kontakt 6 Player is on sale at Plugin Boutique at an intro price of $79 USD until February 22nd, 2021 (regular $99 USD).