Sensel has released a free sound pack by Ralph Freund aka Noizebusters, designed for Sensel Morph’s Music Production overlay and Bitwig Studio 3.

Timbre Drums features samples from Ralph’s modular synths, Bitwig Grid devices, and clever use of the vertical space on each pad.

For many pads, the vertical position on the individual pads selects individual sounds, and many sounds are generated with custom Grid devices. Four kicks designed to get any dance floor moving, as road-tested by Freund’s extensive touring background in the Progressive House scene.

It’s not only incredibly fun to play, but a great way to learn some new ways of controlling sounds in Bitwig Studio Drum Racks.

Designed for the Morph, but playable by all!

Timbre Drums is a free download from the Sensel shop.

More information: Sensel