Sensomusic has announced the release of Usine 5.50 poly, a new version of the universal audio software.

Usine 5.50 poly include a new technology called poly. All sub-patches can now be duplicated according a poly parameter. For example, you can build a single sample player and decide to duplicate it 8 times to obtain 8 independents sample players with their own interface. This version include many improvement of the interface, the audio engine and new modules.

Changes in Usine 5.50 poly

  • [patching] polyphony for sub-patches.
  • [module] new Draw Objects module more powerful and faster.
  • [module] mapper data up to 256 value.
  • [module] new X-1 module.
  • [module] new BLOC DURATION module.
  • [touch screen] contact surface informations now available in all interface modules.
  • [library] new grain engine FX.
  • [library] new Reverse FX.
  • [keylearn] allows now multiple keypressed at the same time.
  • [midi learn] soft take over implemented: option in the setup.
  • [interface] trace OSC out messages.
  • [interface] new color selector window.
  • all reported bugs fixed.

Usine Pro 5.50 poly is now available to purchase for a special promotional price of 90 EUR (regular 120 EUR). A license includes one year of free updates.

Sensomusic has also announced Easine, a simplified version of Usine, especially designed for installations and netbook computers.

More information: Sensomusic