Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released version 5.17 of Usine, a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization.

Changes in Usine v5.17

  • Master output soft clipping option in the setup.
  • Midi learn is allowed on curve settings of the sequencer.
  • Caption font size option in the ControlPanel layout.
  • After an IB reorganisation panels are now in track order.
  • New SendInternalMessage procedure in scripts.
  • Fixed: GetSmptePos, SetSmptePos and GetLoopMarkerPos is missing in Script.
  • Fixed: the main IB is not cleared properly.
  • Fixed: we can’t use several send Midi to Usine module at the same time.
  • Fixed: various curve setting bugs in the sequencer.
  • Fixed: various display bugs.

Usine is available to purchase for Windows PC for 120 EUR (educational license 60 EUR, upgrade 40 EUR). A free version of Usine is available to download from the Sensomusic website.

More information: Sensomusic