ADSR Sounds has launched a limited time sale on the Pop Vocals Bundle by Seven Sounds, offering over 80% off on a collection of 6 sample packs with 1.5 GB of vocal pop inspiration suitable for Pop, R&B, EDM & more.

FLASH SALE ALERT! For $20 (normally $104.39) You get 6 packs inspired by the artists that are dominating the charts!! Acapellas, Chops, Melodic Loops, Drums – this bundle contains everything you need to make your next SMASH!! This collection from Seven Sounds won’t ever be back!

Available until January 31st, 2023, the bundle contains Beautiful Nightmares Dark Pop Vocals, Soultronic Vocals, Pop Love Stories Vol. 2, Back To The 90s Vol. 2, All of EDM Vol. 2, and Subliminal Pop Verses.

More information: Seven Sounds